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Packaging Products

The Depin Packaging product offering has developed organically over our 15+ years in business as the direct result of customer needs. You will find our value-packed product line is designed to meet your quality and cost needs, while delivering a refreshingly unique buying experience.


  • Durable
  • Cost-Effective
  • Light Weight
  • Patented
  • Eco-Friendly (100% Recyclable)
  • Significant Risk Reduction
  • Highly Moisture Resistant
  • Internationally Accepted – ISPM15 Export Certified
  • Stackable
  • Knocked-Down Format for Storage


Incidental damage, fork lift jabs, heavy items stacked on top in shipping are likely to result in catastrophic failure of most other crates.  Ecorrcrate naturally resists puncture and absorbs shock and stacking stress but in the event these occur, unlike wood and other shipping crate containers, Ecorrcrate is most often able to maintain its overall structural integrity throughout the shipping cycle.


The cost of Ecorrcrate is similar to wood and plastic crates and totes. The overall cost of use of Ecorrcrate is typically much less than these alternatives.

Light Weight

Weighs 40-60% less than comparable shippers made from other materials.


Patented Ecorrcrate is unique, with a combination of features not found in any other shipper of similar type available in the market. In fact, there is no other shipper available in the market with as many benefits as Ecorrcrate.  Accept no substitutes, insist on Patented Ecorrcrate to conquer the roughest conditions.

Eco-Friendly (Recyclable)

Ecorrcrates are recyclable . Easily recycled, can be recycled in standard corrugated recycle stream. Made from Renewable resources. Reusable – Ecorrcrates have almost unlimited re-use.

Significant Risk Reduction

Ecorrcrate’s design provide a significant reduction in risk to people and structures. They are safe and easy to set-up (no power tools needed).

Highly Moisture Resistant

Nearly waterproof, Ecorrcrate will keep your product dry throughout the shipping cycle. The corrugate material absorbs moisture and humidity on the inside pulling it away from your product.

Internationally Accepted – ISPM15 Export Certified

Approved for export. Preferred in many countries due to ease of recycling. Greatly reduces the risk of load quarantine due to questionable wood in the shipper.


For staging prior to shipping. In transit: avoid the higher freight cost of “Do Not Double Stack.” Efficient packing (“cubing”) for truckload and container freight.

Knocked-Down Format for Storage

Ecorrcrates knocked-down format allows them to be stored prior to use at 11” height. Storage density reduced by 200-500%, store more in less floor space.

Wood Crates

  • Durable
  • Best Materials
  • Custom-Built
  • Domestic Ready
  • International Treatment Available
  • Stackable
  • Reusable

Wood crates have been the go-to for shipping products for decades. We’ve got years of experience in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by old forests full of lush prime materials. Every wood shipping crate we build is tailored to your exact specifications. Size is important; not only does right-sizing minimize the need for internal packaging, but it’ll also keep shipping costs low.

We start by providing a technical drawing that you can review. This can be changed as needed, and then when all’s agreed, you can place an order and have your perfect solution in days. Furthermore, many of our crates go through ISPM15 heat treatment, meaning that customs delays are avoided. We have the expertise to create custom crates for any need – large or small – enabling you to pack and ship without a hitch.

Specialty Services

  • Gluing
  • Kitting
  • Assembly
  • Displays
  • Multi-SKU Packing
  • Pack and Re-Pack
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Special Remediation

Taking the labor-intensive projects off of your plate.

Gluing: foam to corrugate, foam to foam, displays, dividers for ready-use packs. Kitting: bulk packs, multi-item packing, 1-each multi-packs, ideal for processes moving through multi-station operations. Assembly: (pre-assemble) ready-to-use foam packs, divider packs, displays. Displays: Design, make-and-ship, pre-assembled. Multi-sku packing: Incorporate promotional items into your regular packaging. Create special combinations of product for a seasonal or 1-time rollout. Packed goods quality audits and re-packing: Quality checks of suspect product. Re-pack of quality confirmed product after quality inspection. Sorting, rework and re-packing of damaged / undamaged goods.

Equipment maintenance Contracts available.

Special Remediation Services available


  • Edge Protection
  • Reduces Crushing
  • Adds Stack Strength
  • Usable to Reinforce
  • Stabilization
  • Standard and Custom Sizes Available
Provides 4-way (4 sides), 8-way (4 sides, 4 top) or 12-way (4 sides, 4 top, and 4 bottom) edge protection of palletized loads. Reduces possibility of sideways carton crush in shipment. Eliminates carton crush associated with applying stretchwrap and strapping to the palletized load. Adds stacking strength to palletized load, reducing the risk of top-down carton crush and the resulting product damage in shipment. Can be used inside of standard corrugate boxes to reinforce the carton for heavy stacking. Can be attached to pallets to stabilize the bottom of palletized loads. Standard and custom sizes available.
V board white or brown options

Paperboard Products

  • Brand Extension
  • Sustainable
  • Retail
  • Etc.
Brand Extension: through high quality graphics.

Sustainable: recyclable and renewable, made from paper.

Retail: food / produce, beverage, foodservice, household, personal care and pet care.

Note: Paperboard packaging products are all around us. Cereal boxes, cracker boxes, bulk produce boxes at Costco/Sam’s, nearly every retail item on the shelf with eye-catching graphics. For more information, one of our primary suppliers are here: graphicpkg.com.

Clamshell Labeling for Produce

  • Fulfillment
  • Turn Key Purchases
  • Just-in-Time Inventory
  • Project Driven
  • Fulfillment – We apply your labels to your clamshells using our high efficiency labeling system.
  • Turn Key Purchases– We have a large inventory of clamshells ready for your label to be applied. We will even keep safety stock of your label in our facility to ensure rapid turnaround.
  • Just-in-Time Inventory Management – preplan with us and we will maintain stock of your clamshells with labels, ready for immediate delivery throughout the growing season.
  • Project Driven – You have been waiting for that new order and now you need to pack and ship immediately but you don’t have the labeled clamshells. In-season our operation is 24/7 and our speciality is lightening fast turnaround.

Depin Packaging is your go-to provider of clamshell labeling solutions in the Pacific NW. Whether it is clamshell labeling fulfillment, full turnkey solutions or preplanned JIT services, we specialize in high speed, fast turnaround during the hectic growing season. Give us the opportunity to show you how our unmatched service will help you meet your customer demands.

clamshell containers with fruit and labels

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