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Wood Shipping Crates

The industry’s long-standing solution for shipping

Sturdy Shipping

Wood Shipping Crates have been around since ancient times

Wood constructed containers have been utilized throughout recorded human history. Wood crates first went into use as shipping containers in the 18th century.  Metal shipping containers were invented in 1956 to handle bulk loads.  For mobility, stacking and customization options, wood crates are still the preferred container today for single shipments or small bulk loads, often then loaded into those metal containers.

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Wood shipping crates allow you to consolidate your product into one easy pack that is convenient to move and ship. This is especially helpful when your products cannot be neatly stacked and protected in a single pallet shipment.

Best Materials

Conveniently located in the Pacific NW surrounded by the grandeur of old forests, we know a lot about wood. We use only prime materials best for building top quality wood shipping crates.


Have delicate parts or products where product damage is not an option because of the high cost of rework and returns? Wood crates provide the protection you need to keep your product safe and are customizable to fit your needs perfectly.

ISPM-15 Certified Crates

Not only are all of our wood crates built from heat treated wood to ensure compliance with ISPM15 standards, we build our wood shipping crates from prime wood and lumber to minimize the risk of landing in export quarantine. No one wants their shipment to be delayed up to 10 days or longer, right?!

Custom Wood Shipping Crates

All of our wood shipping crates are built to your specifications. Right-sizing minimizes the need for internal packaging and will ensure you pay no more for shipping than absolutely necessary. Once we have your size requirements then we provide a technical drawing for your review. Something not right with the initial sizing? No problem, tell us what changes to make and we will reissue a new drawing. Once all looks good, you simply place an order and within a matter of days, your perfect solution is ready for you to pack and ship.

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